Bullying and Harrasment

Bullying in schools is an issue that has been often talked about recently in the news and media. Our state government has most recently taken action to enforce an act relative to bullying, Chapter 92, of the Acts of 2010. At Davis Hill we have met as a staff to discuss this topic. As a result of that I have formed a committee that meets monthly. The committee consists of my Assistant Principal, my School Psychologist and my School Nurse, to bring forward any issues relating to complaints or reports, of bullying at our school. We already have in place a Safe Schools Initiative Form for Incident Reporting in regards to bullying, along with a checklist for investigating bullying and harassment complaints. These forms initiate a process that immediately looks into complaints that or issues that we hear about or see.

I have included in this section of our web page, information that I have found to be useful and up to date. One comes from “Kidpower”, an international group that has some very good literature and research on many topics related to children.

Please look over the sites listed and let me know if there is any way that we may be of help. Parents and guardians are often the first ones that may sense something is going on with their child. If you have any questions or concerns relating to harassment or bullying, please notify your child’s teacher, our School Psychologist, our Assistant Principal or me, by note, e-mail or phone call.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan

Kidpower.com: Bullying in Schools

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