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Friends of The Davis Hill Library!


Cronkite quoteThis is the home base for all parents and community members interested in serving the Davis Hill Elementary School Library.  Since budget-cuts have taken away a full-time librarian for the school, the library is run 100% by teachers and volunteers.  To young minds, a library can be a wonderland ... full of stories of far away places and facts about the world we live in ... full of history and full of the future.  It is one of the many important pieces of a child's education -- and it would be shameful if we let the library close down or become unusable.  
Our mission is to keep the Davis Hill Elementary School Library open and running smoothly.  It is our vision to provide all Davis Hill students with a library experience to suit their age and stage of development -- including access to books, research and engaging programs throughout the year to complement their classroom learning.

Orator, Lecturer and Preacher Henry Ward Beecher
"A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life."

Become a Volunteer

If you are a parent of a child at Davis Hill Elementary School and would like to play a part in keeping our school library alive and running smoothly -- join us!  There are ample opportunities to re-shelve books, assist teachers with checking books in and out for children, read a story to a class visiting the library or help plan special events. 

A CORI security clearance application is required to volunteer. Click here to access the CORI form. 

To find out more about how to volunteer, contact library coordinators Laura Rosbach ([email protected]) or Candice Prevosk ([email protected]). 

Donate New Books

We always appreciate donations of gently used or new current releases for the library.  If you would like to help by adding a new release to our collection it will be appreciated by the children for sure!  Stay tuned for some examples from our wish list, per grade: links forthcoming from AMAZON.COM.

Volunteer Coordinators:

Laura Rosbach: [email protected]
Candice Prevosk: [email protected]