School Council

The Davis Hill School Improvement Council (SIMCO) is a representative, building based committee composed of school administration, parents, teachers and community members. This body is required by the State of Massachusetts for each public school.

The Council works to improve the school by assisting in the development of a School Improvement Plan based on District goals, reviewing of the annual budget and identifying educational needs of the school population.

Annually, the principal addresses an initial PTA meeting to solicit potential members for the School Council. Members are voted in. The community is welcome to observe these monthly meetings. Meeting minutes are posted here on the Davis Hill web site.

2017-2018 School Council Members

Jay Norton, Principal, Chair
Asima Silva, Member of WRSD School Committee
Officer Greg Schulthorpe, Community Representative
Bridget Grensavitch, Second Grade Teacher
Stephanie Poh, Fourth Grade Teacher
Chris Maiser, Parent
Elisa Mills, Parent
Nicole Parker, Parent
David Polidi, Parent
Kelley Daly, Parent

Dates of Meetings for 2017-2018:

All Meetings will be held in the Community Room

9/14: 4:00PM
10/12: 4:00PM
11/16: 4:00PM
1/11: 4:00PM
3/1: 4:00PM
4/12: 4:00PM